Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tips to Protect your PC

Our computer is prone in getting infected with virus or any malicious program. And we should protect it by following these effective tips.

1. Download a Reliable Anti-Virus Software
Of course! We really need to install an anti virus software for the protection of our computer. And we should update it regularly.

2. Be careful in downloading any free software or free music and etc.
If you need to download something, better pay for it. Since free downloading is prone in getting viruses.

3. Update your Operating System
You should update your operating system regularly by using windows update. It helps you to find the latest patches and security fixes for your computer.

4. Use Firewall
Firewall blocks unknown connections inbound and outbound. It also helps in protecting you in viruses like what anti virus performs.

5. Physical Protection
Lets be attentive in protecting our computer like inserting USB. We should scan it first with our anti virus software before using the USB.

6. Backup Your Computer
Sometimes we might think that our PC is already protected to the fullest. But it’s still better if we back up our files regularly.

7. Be Alert in detecting Phising Emails.
Be alert with this, if you’re not familiar in any emails and you might think it is fraud then, ignore it.

Therefore, we should always bear this in our mind to prevent troubleshooting problems.