Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset brings deathmatchers into the game

Audio of a footstep is reflected along the corridor. Echoes of rocket launchers away to fight, and suddenly silent scream. MP5 sound opponent suddenly clicking on an empty barrel. Situational awareness is important for players to pro ... and especially so is the competitive level. In fact, most of the upper echelon deathmatchers do not even bother with the speakers. Instead, immerse themselves in the game record for more than an expensive pair of headphones that allow them to listen to all audio signals that can help them trace the insidious enemy in ambush.

Hardcore player of this caliber, the biggest problem is to find the kit of the game that takes you completely without skimping on features. They are based on this kind deathmatcher, Cyber ​​Snipa has just introduced their latest Gaming Headset Snipa Sonar 5.1 mm headset.

Just take a look Snipa. This is a headset that is serious. Much of the eponymous Snipa functionality is described, though: this is a 5.1 surround sound, the headset with adjustable boom microphone, and the designation great hardcore screams.

More crying, right? The quality of sound. Each of the courts of Snipa has four individual speakers and a subwoofer. The four speakers for each alignment with the polar directions and is responsible for placement, while the subwoofer let you feel every explosion. A remote control lets you adjust the volume of each channel separately to the total volume.

The price is surprisingly low: only $ 79.95 and a pair of Cyber ​​Snipa Sonar systems, each with a padded case for transport. Unfortunately, this is just a USB headset, so you must be a free port, but otherwise this looks like a stellar deal: a pair of pro-caliber Economic married to a good headset microphone shouting taunts you to death.