Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And The Award Goes To.....

So this chicka Hannah, dropped an award on me, because she's got a big crush on me an stalks my page like I'm made out of chocolate filling. I graciously accept my award, and pass on the required information below... THANK YOU HANNAH!!

To accept the award, I am required to write seven things about myself, eh?  Well this will be difficult, as I am in witness protection, and cannot divulge too much personal information. Here goes!!

1:  I believe in reincarnation.  I have to, I’ve screwed this life up pretty bad, so I’m hoping for a do-over.  No really, I’ve been here before.  Why else would I have no patience for stupid?

2:  I believe we are all created in God’s image.  Some of you were created when God was hungover.

3:  As a dear friend recently revealed, yes, I was in marching band in high school. And orchestra. And jazz band. And symphonic band. And a rock band. And a country band.  Call me a band fag, and I’ll do pentatonic triplets ON YOUR FACE.

4:  I am pro capital punishment.  I am also pro corporal punishment.  I think the latter helps prevent the former.

5:  If I ever went to Sturgis or Daytona Bike Week, I would actually ride my motorcycle there, not put it on a trailer and haul it.  Because my motorcycle already has EFFING WHEELS on it, and that’s why it also has a seat.  SO YOU CAN RIDE IT.

6:  I wear my hair cut short.  Real short.  Razor cut short. In the shower.

7:  I like long walks on the beach, Fuzzy Navels, snuggling under a blanket by the fire, and my favorite movie is Death Proof.