Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Powermat NFC Wireless Charging mats

In practice objects equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips can contain tags filled with information, this could be either text or web url’s for example. When another NFC device (i.e. a smartphone) comes into close proximity to the latter it can read the data on the tag.

The problem with NFC in my opinion is that in terms of the mobile community it has not had much chance to take off, especially with phones like the Nexus S which as most people will know is currently the only Android handset to feature said technology.

However, Powermat seems to think there is some long-term potential with it as they have developed an antenna that supports contactless NFC and combined this with their own wireless charging technology. According to Powermat Chief Executive Ran Poliakine such a product should help drive the adoption of NFC whilst boosting Powermat sales in the process.

Poliakine also believes that we will cease to use wired power cords for gadgets in the not to distant future (10 years). However, phones that are compatible with Powermat’s new, NFC-enabled silicon have yet to launch, but once they do Poliakine states that you will be able to purchase small items from retailers with a simple swipe of your device.