Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summers And All That Shizz.

Now that Summer's finally here its time to let go of your clothes (Not all of them you perv) and hog onto loads of ice cream. Not that food lovers (read : fat and ugly people) need SUMMERS as an excuse for that. 

Cutting a long complain post short, why do I hate summers?

1. It compels me to have a bath everyday. What? Do you want me to dissolve?

2. Prolonged exposure to the sun changes my skin color to such an extent that suddenly all "Yo, Nigga" jokes suit me.

3. The act of hugging suddenly sounds more torturous than listening to a Justin Bieber song.

4. Climbing a flight of stairs becomes the maximum limit of my workout.

5. Hot temperature is equal to more intake of water which is equal to more trips to the loo which directly means more work. And whenever one mentions work I know its a bad idea.

6. I get eaten by fat Indian mosquitos.

Indian Mosquitos (n.): Those mosquitos that live and hunt in India and like the citizens are well aware of the term "jugaad" hence being totally immune to mosquito sprays, coils and other repellants. 

The Rajnikant mosquito can even drink Mortein and vomit water instead.

7. The hotness factor makes people highly allergic to physical contact courtesy sweaty palms, sweaty backs and sweaty err.. You get my point, right? (And by people here I mean girls. Because boys, well they eat chinese foods with their hands to say the least) Due to this girls show resistance towards having sex which leads the poor guys to take to the streets in Gurgaon after 8P.M.

Anyway this list is still in progress. Let me know if you have a strong enough reason to hate it too.

P.S: Somehow the firangs are all jazzed about summers. So, I couldn't find a decent hateful picture of it.