Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where It All Started

Ive been trying to think of where my love affair with writing began.  I’ve tried over the years to come up with silly little stories, and it’s been fun off and on to see what comes out of my head.
Some months ago, I was encouraged by a dear friend who pointed out that I should be writing. She felt that I had enough skill, and why not try writing, and share your observations and humor with the masses? She was, and still is, my muse, and an ardent supporter. I will be eternally grateful to her for pushing me to try writing again. She is very dear to me......

When I set out to do this blog, I chose to take a road less traveled.....  There are some wonderful storytellers out there in the blogosphere, and I admired their ability to spin a tale.  So I said, “Why not try that path?”  Come up with two stories a week, create them, edit, and post.  So far, I’ve been generally satisfied with my efforts.

I started to think about when I first remember enjoying writing.  It had to be freshman English class in college. (there were to be no more English classes after that one, I ran out of money for tuition)  Our professor asked us to write a “process paper”.  We were instructed to describe in detail, the process of doing something.  It was up to us to decide what that process would be.  We would edit our papers twice weekly in class, switching with another student and helping them by editing their paper for them.  Pretty simple stuff, even for freshman English.

My professor questioned me each editing day, asking me, “Where is your paper, sir?”  “I will turn in a completed paper at the end of this exercise.”  He was not happy, because with an even number of students in the class, I was the wrench in the works!  I’m throwing off the whole system by not having a paper to edit!

The morning it was due, I sat at the typewriter (that’s a thingie that people used to write with before these here lappy toppy thingies.) and prepared my outline, according to the requirements for the class.  I then typed my paper, off the top of my head, and hurried to class, arriving only a few minutes late.  My professor scowled as I flopped into my seat, and handed him my paper.  He rolled his eyes as he said,  “Are you satisfied with your submission, sir?” I nodded yes, with my cheshire cat grin.

The following week, my paper returned to me.  I received an A- for my last minute efforts.  The topic of my process paper you ask?

“How To Procrastinate While Writing An English Paper.”