Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Truth And No Dare

I have received another award!  

My dear friend Linda, from Shoes For An Imaginary Life, has passed this award to me.  I get to offer up more truthiness, and lay down 7 facts about me. I personally think that there is a conspiracy, and people out there are trying to figure out who I really am.  Because, well, EVERYONE wants to know who I am.  Right?  Damn you, Linda, another round of truth or dare without*the dare part!  But at least we’ll always have that one game of spin the bottle back in middle school, right?  Now that I think about it, Linda did kind of double dog dare me to write this post.  So here goes....

Freaky Factoids:

I’m the tallest person in my family.  By a few inches taller.  I’m also the only left hander.  My sister (my only sibling) and I are both light hair, light eyed, and our parents are dark haired, dark eyed.  We suspect the mailman.....

I have was never suspended in school.  Detentions, ruler across the knuckles, paddled, but never suspended.  I went just up to the line, but never crossed it.  Well, never got caught is more accurate.  :-)

My view on all things romantic is really skewed.  It always has been.  No surprise that I’m disappointed in that portion of my life.  Often.  Hope springs eternal.(See?  I’m totally screwed.) It was, at one point, an occupational hazard, and to some measure, still is.

Something I’ve learned from my parents, and carry with me to this day:  Don’t ask the question, if you don’t want the answer.  Please, local musician types, don’t ask me what I thought of your set.  The answer will likely not be favorable.

Some of my favorite cities:  Phoenix, Arizona.  The way the sand and green grass and mountains all play together is simply something marvelous to behold.  Make sure you get a window seat, and be awake for your approach to the airport.  Magnificent!

Chicago, Illinois.  Diversity, small town feel to some of the suburban areas, yet this expansive downtown, the miracle mile, and the museums.  Oh yeah.  Giordanos Deep Dish Pizza, FTW!

The Florida Keys.  Peaceful evenings sitting at end of the keys watching the sun set, sipping on umbrella drinks.  If I had been a pirate, I wouldn’t have minded being marooned there one bit.

New York City.  I could live there.  Maybe I do, who knows?  :-)  It is without question the greatest city in the nation.  It has everything you could ever dream.  As an urban explorer, NYC excites me.  So much to see and do, and it’s ever changing, evolving, and just down right fun.  I also like driving in NYC.  Because it’s as close to NASCAR as I’ll ever get.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast.  I’m not a biker. Bikers have leather vests, leather skin and poor manners.  I’m also not a poseur.  I didn’t buy a bike for the instant cool factor.  I didn’t buy 800 dollars worth of tshirts and jackets. I bought a bike because they can be beautiful in their simplicity.  They are fun to tinker with, modify, customize and create.  So, I guess I’m more of a gearhead than anything else.  I change my own oil, and always wear a helmet.  (more on why later this year.)

I like my job.  More accurately, I have truly enjoyed a large majority of my career.  I have few regrets in that area. This month, however, happens to be our busiest month of the year.